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We prepare custom-made tapestries for seats, armchairs, sofas, rugs, panels, etc...

For this you must send us your dimensions or a template if the shapes are not of a simple geometry (such as : square, rectangle, circle, trapezoid).

The dimensions must correspond to all the parts to be covered with tapestries.

Upon receipt of the measurements and the desired style, we send you photographic documentation with the prices of the tapestry prepared and an estimate of the quantities of wool for its execution.
The photos below show the possibilities of adapting a model.

caneva à fleurs.jpg


Our tapestries are generally prepared with all screen designs , ie a woolen thread is stretched horizontally on the canvas, and you must cover it by performing the stitch over it. This preparation tells you precisely the distribution of colors


For the realization of the tapestry we provide the wool corresponding to the weft.

demi point.png
petit point.png

small dot

The proposed tapestries can be made in half stitch, gobelin stitch, quarter stitch or cross stitch depending on the model chosen.

point de croix.png

cross stitch

point gobelin.png

goblin stitch

The wool exists in two qualities : the fine which is worked with 3 or 4 strands and the coarse which is worked with 1 or 2 strands compared to the canvas used and the size of the point proposed according to the models.

The wools are spun and dyed for the Manufacture LANGLOIS.

Depending on the model, the preparation can be simplified :

Depending on the model, the preparation can be simplified :

Contour hatched : it means we tramons the contours of the drawing and that we indicate by a color wool yarn to the inside.

contour tramé.png

Indicated : the pattern is drawn in black on the canvas and we indicate the color with a woolen thread that you remove when you perform the stitches.

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