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The Langlois Tapisseries Manufacture : 150 years of history

1865 - 2015 :

The 5 Langlois generations have never ceased to develop and safeguard their know-how in the field of reproduction and restoration of old tapestries.

Overcoming the era of mechanization in the 19th century, wiping off the effects of the First and Second World Wars, the family blésoise manufacturer Langlois Tapisseries has survived history! She knows an international reputation.

Among his great achievements, large church carpets adorn more than 70 shrines, including those of Jerusalem, the Vatican, Lourdes or the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre.

photo ancienne boutique Langlois.jpg
photo boutique langlois.JPG

Since 2015 - Takeover and sustainability of the Manufacture

In 2012 , Carole Redais, Curator / Restorer, expert in the field of tapestry and textiles, joined the Langlois team and in 2015 acquired the famous Manufacture.

Passionate about and respectful of her history and her work, Carole Redais intends to ensure its continuity.

Trained at the National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson, Carole Redais has a great expertise developed in renowned workshops in the Paris region.

Its twenty years of expertise and its references in the field of upholstery and textiles guarantee know-how and quality work.

Authorized to work for the museums of France since 2003, Carole Redais displays interventions in many institutions.

Reference : Clos-Lucé castle in Amboise, Langeais castle, Sully-sur-Loire castle, Chaumont-sur-Loire castle, Montlivault church, Mans cathedral, Blois cathedral, Vendée departmental council ...

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