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Old tapestries and collector's rugs can be the subject of different restoration operations.


The treatment proposals are dictated by: the general state of conservation of the object, the origin, the period… as well as by its destination (private collection, public collection, museum, historic monument), or its historical interest.

These questions arise when choosing treatments:

  • The restoration can be conservative. Its objective is to stabilize the alterations of the works and to present the pieces in the best conditions of conservation.

  • The restoration work can also restore the general condition of the tapestry as close as possible to the original appearance.

Our ethics : respect the rules of the restorer-curator's deontology: readability, reversibility, stability and the choice of materials and techniques.


Procedure for taking charge of works:

After a careful examination of your part, a photographic cover, supplemented if necessary by laboratory analyzes, we draw up a condition report as well as a treatment proposal.

We then proceed to all stages of the partial or total restoration of worn or missing parts.

Advice and condition report on site or in the workshop.


Preventive conservation: we ensure all the measures and actions aimed at preventing the deterioration of objects: storage, handling, environmental control (light, humidity, etc.), the establishment of emergency plans, staff training…

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